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Marcus Bowman, LMT

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage in Pensacola
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Pensacola Full Body Massage Swedish Deep Tissue

Targeted relief. Calming environment. Experienced therapist.
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4400 Bayou Blvd #26A Pensacola FL 32504 (near Cordova Mall, Google map)

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Marcus Bowman, MA88786

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Massages provided in a calming setting at
Art of Massage studios affiliated with and above Brazilian Wax of Pensacola
near Cordova Mall: 4400 Bayou Blvd #26A Pensacola FL 32504.
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Providing Relief. Improving your condition.
A better you. The Best Massage?
High Quality, Awesome Value, Relaxation
Always premium, all natural, organic supplies.
Reduce stress with targeted muscle and pain relief.

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Early morning and evening appoints during the week. Every other weekend

Schedule the massage therapy treatment you deserve today. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage (recovery and preparation), Therapeutic, Stretches to improve flexibility. Benefits of massage include: loosening and healing to fix knots, improve range of motion, helping Back, Shoulder, Neck Pain Relief, loosen fascia, Headaches, digestive issues, fertility issues, pregnancy and prenatal, sleep better, Sore and tight Muscles (hamstrings, traps, calf, piriformis, quads, hamstrings, muscle spasm and cramps, etc). Trigger points and positive energy flow. Your massage can include foot massage with reflexology, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy and connective tissue. Positive impact on all the systems of the human body. Posture analysis and relief around the spine (such as herniated disc, etc). Relax, improve your mood, boost blood flow and stimulate circulation, breathing and oxygen intake improvement, Lymph drainage and toxin release. Asian/Chakra/Reiki modern elements can be incorporated into your wellness treatment, cryotherapy, collagen regrowth, more. Specify your unique intentions. Touch, Restore and Heal, Post-Race and Workout Recovery, Event and Workout Preparation, Stretching muscles.
Sounds: mindfully selected relaxing music at healing frequencies.
Marcus is Florida licensed (MA88786), fully insured, Spa Certified, resort & spa experienced, member of the AMTA, Thai massage certified, passionately educated in this craft, and summa cum laude graduate of massage school. Premium supplies, all natural organic oils, essential oils, lotions and creams. For any questions about professional massages and your appointment call, text or email as have provided many first-time massages. Pensacola, FL: Pensacola Beach, Gulf Breeze, Pace, Milton, Cantonment, University. Targeted and/or full body massages will relax, heal, rejuvenate and improve your health and well-being. Great Florida massage: relaxing and therapeutic (swedish and deep tissue).

About: Marcus Bowman
License: Florida MA88786 (insured)

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Total minutes   55 min:   $69   /   85 min:   $84   /   110 min:   $105  
Full body massage and/or customized/targeted relief
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Stress relief, reduce pain and live with new energy. A relaxing massage today for a better you tomorrow.

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